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Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club of the University of Cyprus is one of the most active clubs in the past few years.

It is good to point out that, since the past years, the club has been an important helper for the promotion of its various members in local and international IT competitions. Around the same time the club also dealt with eSports for its gamer audience (LoL, CoD, FIFA, PES etc). All these, of course, are the old form of the club and have now been completely revised, as described above, in order to better and more accurate operation of the club.

The club also has a wide range of old and modern technological equipment such as Arduino models, Raspberry Pi models, desktop PCs / servers and many more, which it uses in various laboratories that it conducts from time to time with its members.

Become a member of the club to enrich your knowledge, your CV and have a good time!